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Founded October 31, 1949
Celebrating our 64th year!

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To provide a financially self sustaining facility that promotes a drug, smoking and alcohol free environment of personal and social growth for the individual and family recovering from addictive substance abuse.

Article about our club in the Rockford Register Star CLICK HERE

Hours of Operation:

Currently, The building is expected to be open approximately 1/2 hour prior to any scheduled meeting. We expect someone to be here 5 PM to 9 PM Weeknights, 9 AM to 3 PM Saturdays and 7 AM to noon Sundays. For social events, come on out, we'll be here.

The Board of Directors 2012-2013:

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President Howard C.  
Vice President Deb T..  
Treasurer Jack G.  
Secretary Kim G.  
Chairman Joe S.
Director at large Beverly T.  
Director at large Dave S.  
Director at large Tom Q.  
Director at large Jodi S.  
Director at large Mary S.  
Director at large Nancy R.  

We would love to hear from you
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