Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson 1895 – 1971From the rubble of a wasted life, he overcame alcoholism
and founded the 12-step program that has helped millions of others do the same.
(Note: Refresh your screen to hear his words again.)BORN Nov. 26, 1895, in East
Dorset, Vt.
1918 Marries Lois Burnham. In 1951
she founds Al-Anon for families of alcoholics
1933 First of four
hospitalizations for alcoholism
1934 Takes his last drink 1935 Persuades Dr. Robert Smith
to stay sober with him. This is the first A.A. meeting
1938 Forms the Alcoholics
1939 Publishes the book
“Alcoholics Anonymous,” which includes the 12 steps
1953 Publishes “Twelve Steps
and Twelve Traditions,” outlining a structure for A.A.
DIED Jan. 24, 1971, of pneumonia, in Miami See Bill’s Obituary Here 
Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson

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