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The Whizzinator, a synthetic urine product created by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), has gained attention in 2023 due to its role in helping individuals pass urine drug tests. As some U.S. states legalize marijuana while employers maintain drug testing policies, people seek solutions to navigate the system.

The Whizzinator, often discreetly advertised as a sex toy, is a kit designed to mimic real urine, helping users avoid detection during drug tests. The kit typically includes dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (the shaft), a waistband, and leg straps for mounting. The dried urine, when mixed with water, produces a realistic fake urine. The syringe is used to transfer the synthetic urine into the fake penis without smears. Heating pads ensure the urine matches the body’s temperature range, maintaining warmth during the test.

The realistic appearance of the fake penis, available in various skin tones, adds to the product’s discreet nature. To use the Whizzinator successfully, users follow detailed instructions, including preparing the synthetic urine, maintaining temperature, and discreetly providing the sample during the test.

While ALS positions the Whizzinator as a sex toy, it acknowledges its use for passing drug tests. ALS, based in Long Beach, California, offers customer support and guarantees a 14-day return policy, emphasizing user responsibility as the product is not FDA certified. The controversial nature of the Whizzinator reflects the ongoing debate between employers and individuals seeking to navigate drug testing protocols in a changing legal landscape.

Product Description

The Whizzinator is a product designed to help people pass urine drug tests, especially in states where marijuana is legal, but employers still conduct drug tests. Manufactured by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), the Whizzinator is essentially a synthetic urine kit that comes with various components. The kit includes powdered human urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (the shaft), a waistband, and leg straps. The dried urine, when mixed with water, creates a realistic fake urine sample. The syringe is used to inject the synthetic urine into the fake penis without smears. Heating pads help maintain the urine at the right temperature, mimicking the warmth of real urine.

The fake penis comes in different skin color variants, ensuring users can choose one that matches their skin tone. The purpose of the Whizzinator is to trick lab specialists during a urine drug test, making them believe the user is providing their real urine. The product works by injecting synthetic urine into a bag strapped to the body, and a heating pad ensures the urine remains at the correct temperature. Users follow detailed instructions to prepare and use the kit, with steps like mixing the powdered urine, attaching heating pads, and positioning the fake penis for the test.

The manufacturer, ALS, is based in Long Beach, California, and while the Whizzinator is not FDA certified, ALS guarantees a 14-day return policy on unused products. The kit is not only advertised as a sex toy but is known for helping users pass drug tests undetected. Users are advised to contact ALS for support and additional information. The Whizzinator can be used for probation drug testing, offering a potential solution when detox products might not be effective on short notice. Users may also consider buying additional products like extra dried urine, heating pads, and a dedicated cleansing solution to ensure proper use and maintenance of the kit.

Ingredients and Their Functions

In the third section of the article about the Whizzinator, we delve into the ingredients and their functions. The Whizzinator is a synthetic urine kit designed to help people pass urine drug tests. The list of ingredients includes uric acid, creatinine, pH balance, specific gravity, and temperature control.

Uric acid is a natural compound found in urine, contributing to its authenticity. Creatinine, another key ingredient, is a waste product from muscle metabolism, ensuring the urine appears genuine. pH balance is crucial for maintaining the acidity level of real urine, while specific gravity measures the urine’s density compared to water. These factors collectively contribute to the Whizzinator’s success in mimicking real urine during drug tests.

Temperature control is also a vital aspect of the Whizzinator’s effectiveness. Real urine has a temperature close to the human body temperature, and the kit includes heating pads to ensure the synthetic urine reaches the desired temperature range of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This feature helps the Whizzinator pass visual and temperature checks during the testing process.

Understanding these ingredients and their roles is essential for users aiming to successfully navigate urine drug tests. By comprehending how the Whizzinator replicates natural urine, individuals can use the kit with confidence, knowing they have a higher chance of passing the screening undetected.

How to Use The Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is a product designed to help people pass urine drug tests, especially in states where marijuana is legal but employers still conduct screenings. To use it successfully, follow these steps:

Firstly, the Whizzinator kit consists of various components, including an instructions manual, dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (the shaft), a waistband, and leg straps for mounting the shaft. The dried urine is a key component, and it needs to be mixed with water according to the manual on the test date.

The syringe is used to collect the fake urine mixture and introduce it into the fake penis without smears. Heating pads are crucial to raise the temperature of the fake urine to mimic real body temperature. The fake penis comes in different skin colors to match the user’s complexion.

Using the Whizzinator is like wearing a condom. You inject synthetic urine into a bag and strap it on, making sure it’s positioned at the base of your penis. A heating pad is applied to make the urine warm enough to pass as real. When you are ready to produce a sample, position the uncovered sample cup at the base of the fake penis, gently squeeze the bottom to release the urine into the cup, and then give it to the lab specialist.

Following the instructions is crucial for a successful test. Prepare two hours before the test, mix the dried urine with water, inject it into the bag, attach the heating pad, wear the straps, and ensure the urine is at the right temperature. When ready, confidently produce the sample and hand it to the lab specialist.

The Whizzinator is popular for its effectiveness, multiple uses, and discreetness. However, it requires careful handling to avoid detection. While it helps many users pass drug tests, it’s essential to be aware of potential legal consequences in certain states. Additionally, the product is not FDA certified, and users bear sole responsibility for its use. It’s advisable to contact the manufacturer’s support team for more information or assistance.

Pros and Cons

The Whizzinator is a product designed to help users pass urine drug tests, addressing the challenges of drug screenings despite marijuana legalization in some states. The kit offers realistic appearance, temperature control, and discreet design as pros, but potential legal consequences, mixed effectiveness feedback, and price considerations as cons.

Components of the Whizzinator kit include dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis, a waistband, and leg straps. Users mix dried urine with water, use a syringe to introduce it into the fake penis, and employ heating pads to maintain a realistic temperature. The process simulates natural urination, requiring careful adherence to instructions for successful results.

While the Whizzinator has advantages, users must be cautious about potential legal repercussions, as it is not FDA certified, and they assume full responsibility for usage. A balance of pros and cons should be considered before deciding to use the Whizzinator for a urine drug test.

Customer Feedback

The Whizzinator is a product designed to help people pass urine drug tests, particularly in states where marijuana use is legal, but employers still conduct drug tests. This product has gained attention for its effectiveness, and customer feedback plays a crucial role in understanding its performance.

When looking at customer reviews, it’s essential to consider both positive experiences and concerns or complaints. The reviews compile the thoughts and experiences of individuals who have used the Whizzinator. Positive feedback often highlights the high success rate of the product in helping users pass urine tests without getting caught. Users appreciate the comprehensive Whizzinator kit, which includes powdered urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis, a waistband, and leg straps.

Common concerns and complaints are also addressed in these reviews. Some users express the need for extra caution and skill to use the Whizzinator without detection, emphasizing the importance of following the detailed instructions provided. Additionally, there are mentions of potential legal consequences if caught using the Whizzinator, as it may be prohibited in certain states.

In summary, customer feedback on the Whizzinator is crucial for potential users to understand both the positive aspects and potential challenges associated with this product. It offers a solution for individuals facing urine drug tests, but users must weigh the benefits against the risks and legal implications before deciding to use the Whizzinator.

Q&A Section

Q1: What is The Whizzinator, and why do people use it?

A1: The Whizzinator is a product designed to help individuals pass urine drug tests undetected. It includes a kit with various components, such as dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, and a fake penis, allowing users to provide a synthetic urine sample.

Q2: How does The Whizzinator work?

A2: The Whizzinator operates by simulating the process of natural urination. Users mix dried urine with water, inject the synthetic urine into a bag attached to a fake penis, and use heating pads to maintain the temperature, making it appear like a real urine sample during testing.

Q3: Is The Whizzinator legal to use?

A3: The legality of The Whizzinator varies by state. While it is marketed as a sex toy to avoid legal issues, users should be aware that using synthetic urine to deceive drug tests might have legal consequences, depending on local laws.

Q4: What components are included in The Whizzinator kit?

A4: The Whizzinator kit typically contains dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (shaft), a waistband, two leg straps for mounting the shaft, and an instruction manual. The complete kit is designed to help users pass urine drug tests.

Q5: How should users prepare and use The Whizzinator?

A5: Users need to follow detailed instructions provided in the manual. Preparation involves mixing dried urine with water, injecting it into the bag, attaching heating pads, and ensuring the synthetic urine maintains the required temperature. Users then discreetly provide the sample during the test.

Q6: Can The Whizzinator be detected during a drug test?

A6: If used correctly, The Whizzinator is designed to go undetected during standard urine drug tests. However, users should exercise caution and follow instructions to avoid revealing the kit, as discovery may lead to serious consequences.

Q7: What legal and support information is provided by the manufacturer, Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS)?

A7: ALS emphasizes user responsibility and provides a 14-day return policy for unused products. The Whizzinator is not FDA-certified. Users can contact ALS support via phone or email for additional information or assistance.

Q8: Are there any risks or consequences associated with using The Whizzinator?

A8: Using The Whizzinator involves legal risks, as laws regarding synthetic urine vary by state. Users may face consequences if caught attempting to deceive drug tests. Additionally, there have been reported cases of minor issues, such as leaks, with the product.

Q9: Can The Whizzinator be used for probation drug testing?

A9: Yes, some reviews suggest that The Whizzinator may help individuals pass probation drug tests that involve urinalysis. However, users should be aware of the specific requirements of their probation test and potential consequences of using synthetic urine.

Q10: Where can users purchase The Whizzinator?

A10: The Whizzinator kit is available on various e-commerce sites, including Amazon. Users can also order directly from the manufacturer, ALS, and may find nearby retailers by searching “where to buy Whizzinator near me” online.


In conclusion, the purpose of this review on the Whizzinator, a synthetic urine device, was to shed light on its usage and effectiveness, especially in the context of urine drug tests. The review aimed to inform potential users about the product and provide insights into its controversial nature. The primary focus was on the Whizzinator’s ability to help individuals pass urine tests by using a fake penis, synthetic urine, and various components included in the kit.

It is crucial to reiterate that the use of the Whizzinator raises ethical and legal concerns. While some states have legalized marijuana, employers still conduct drug tests, prompting individuals, including occasional smokers or those exposed to secondhand smoke, to seek ways to pass these tests. The Whizzinator claims to offer a solution, allowing users to submit synthetic urine that closely mimics real urine, with a reported high success rate.

Encouraging informed decisions for potential users is paramount, considering the controversial nature of the product. The review suggests pre-ordering the kit well in advance of a scheduled drug test to familiarize oneself with its components and ensure a successful outcome. It is essential for users to follow the detailed instructions provided, including the mixing of powdered urine, using a syringe to fill the fake penis, and applying heating pads to maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine within the normal body range.

In concluding thoughts, the review underscores the importance of making informed decisions when considering the Whizzinator. The controversy surrounding synthetic urine devices and their potential legal implications should be carefully considered. Users must be aware of the product’s limitations, such as the possibility of detection by advanced testing methods, and understand the consequences of using such devices. Ultimately, this review aims to equip potential users with the knowledge needed to navigate the ethical and legal landscape surrounding the Whizzinator and make decisions that align with their values and circumstances.

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