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Alano Club of Rockford

There are alternative methods to pass if you’ve decided to smoke, snort, or inject yourself senseless regardless of looming tests, and they fall into two groups. To begin, you might tamper with your own sample by flushing your system of drug residue or adding anything to your urine in the period between peeing into a cup and handing it in.

Second, used pee should not be your own. Do not just add something to your pee, especially if it is a common household item. Regardless of what that man you smoked with on Saturday night told you, you will get caught more often than not. In reality, a sample containing additives will often be visible to the naked eye of a tester. “I have no idea what the heck they put in there, but it’s purple and green pee.” It’s ludicrous, to say the least. People are willing to try everything, including vinegar. Do not waste your time and use the effective methods, described by Clevescene.

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